Grainsbmp is an agency that aims to fashion more convenient and effortless agriculture and farming practices for Broadacre grain growers through the most reliable of farming practices, top-tier machinery and devices, and farm-specific software.

In Australia, the term "Broadacre farming" refers to large scale production of grains, oilseeds, and other crops. It additionally describes rearing livestock for wool or meat upon an extensive area of land. With advances in technology throughout the decades, special machinery and gadgets centred towards cultivation have been introduced to the Broadacre industry as well.

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Broadacre agriculture is not a walk in the fields; it takes a lot of effort and labour. Get the crème de la crème out of farm life, and coincide with the soil's maximum agricultural potential with high-end farm machinery and technology. Yet, simultaneously, vastly reduce your manual labour – all with Grainsbmp

Combining tradition, skill, and age-old farming wisdom with new-age science and advancements, we have developed a system that caters to all farmers' needs. The system includes apps and software that make gathering estate particulars and analysing them a breeze, integrated, multipurpose machinery and gadgets, and the most high-yielding techniques available.

We use a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to agriculture that is both economical and profitable for landowners. With an emphasis on vital farming knowledge such as crop stages and soil prep, we take it a step further by adding tried-and-tested techniques such as biological stimulants, and top-tier, modern farm machinery. The biggest plus we have to offer, of course, is our expertise and experience in creating sustainable strategies that have helped various farm-owners beforehand. These strategies include biological stimulants, yield improvement, seed treatment, foliar spray, chlorophyll production and energy, heat and cold resilience, and disease prevention. And these are only the ones under the seed treatment category



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