Property Design And Layout

This section relates to the design and layout of grain farms in the Northern cropping region, and relies on farm mapping and property planning as a basis. The design and layout of grain farms aims to achieve all of the following:

  • Identify and separate areas capable and suitable for cropping;
  • Identify major soil boundaries;
  • Manage water runoff and surface drainage to minimise soil erosion and waterlogging;
  • Minimise the damage from flood events;
  • Determine direction of farming (run) to provide efficient farming operations whilst achieving c) above;
  • Consider paddock size, shape and length of run appropriate for the operation;
  • Minimise areas of overlap, (through considering paddock shape and direction of run) to reduce the amount of farm inputs;
  • Position roads and infrastructure tracks in the most effective location for servicing the farm, and to enable access during wet periods;
  • Improve logistics of farm operations such planting, fertilising, spraying and harvesting;
  • Identify riparian areas and stream drainage lines and their condition;
  • Consider water coordination with neighbouring properties;
  • Consider remnant vegetation, and promote linkages between remaining vegetation communities; and
  • Locate current and planned infrastructure.


There are four key areas of Property Design and Layout that this module covers, including:

  1. Mapping and use of maps
    • Developing maps with sufficient features in a form that can easily be used
  2. Your property in the landscape.
    • Practices carried out on your property which can have impacts beyond property boundaries
  3. Farm design and paddock layouts.
    • Ensuring property design maximises efficiency
  4. Managing runoff
    • Practices which effectively deal with runoff

Under each key area there are statements which describe different levels of alignment with a particular practice. Simply tick the box next to the one you believe best represents your practice at this point in time. If any boxes in the “Below BMP Standard” column are ticked, you need to fill in the steps to improve on the far right hand side. If you have ticked minimum BMP standard and wish to reach “above BMP standard’, then you should also fill in the steps to do so in the far right hand column.