About Grains Best Management Practices

What is Grains Best Management Practices (BMP) program ?

The Grains BMP program is a voluntary, industry led process which helps broad acre grain growers to identify improved practices which can help improve the long term profitability of their enterprise. It also helps identify the steps you need to take to incorporate best management practices into your enterprise. In time it will also allow the grains industry to demonstrate good environmental management to the wider community

Who is involved in developing the Grains BMP program?

The Grains BMP program has been developed from the collaborative efforts of the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries Queensland (DPI&F), Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) and AgForce Queensland. Representatives for these organisations form the Grains BMP Steering Group, which is responsible for ensuring the program is implemented effectively. Industry based reference groups consisting of growers and agribusiness representatives have been formed in central Queensland and southern Queensland to provide strategic direction for the program and to inform the development of materials used in the Grains BMP program.

Why was the Grains BMP developed?

Grains BMP has been developed with two key objectives. Firstly, it allows grain growers to assess their current farming practices against industry standards and identify areas for improvement which lead to improved profitability and sustainability for their business. Secondly, it will allow the grains industry to report the level of adoption of sustainable production practices which is becoming more important with community and customer interest in how their grain is being produced. This will allow the grains industry to be proactive in dealing with issues affecting the industry by showcasing the sustainable production practices being used by many grain growers.

How do grain growers use the Grains BMP ?

The program consists of a series of self assessment modules that are available electronically covering the major production and resource management components of modern farming systems. The modules are:

The self assessments allow grain growers to assess their current farming practices against industry standards. Action plans associated with these modules are developed by individual growers to help identify and prioritise improved practices for their own farm.

Grain growers can complete the modules themselves independently, with assistance from an advisor or in groups. Depending on the location, DPI&F, AgForce, FBA and some private consultants can provide assistance to landholders in completing their self assessment of farming practices and developing action plans for improving practices. In most cases, this can be linked to training opportunities and information sources to assist landholders improved their knowledge in various areas.  Incentives may be available in some areas to assist with implementation of improved practices.